Are you developing something new to generate revenue? Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Are you developing something new to generate new revenue?

Do you have ideas brewing? Need to work out WHAT to focus on to bring your ideas to life?

One of the Q2 Action Group members had such a gut feeling and massive insights during the course that she can see how she can further develop her business, create a new service for a new target market, and a new revenue stream. Exciting times! Yay, I love these light bulb moments or gut feelings that my clients have.

What gut feeling have you had recently? Don’t ignore it!

The Action Group member booked a 121 session with me as she wanted to fully flesh out her ideas and get clarity on her new service, define the target market, see how she can reach her new audience, and of course, work out how much to sell it for!

What a session that was! I loved it and we worked so well together.

During the session, we were able to write the first draft of the Sales Page for her new service.

We also saw ways she can stand out even more in her market and niche her business so it made total sense to her current client base, remaining on-brand, with clear messaging and benefits. Lots of benefits!!

There’s a lot to consider when developing something new, isn’t there?

Now she’s totally clear on what steps to take next. All in one 3-hour Business Development session!

Here’s the email I received the day after her session…

“Brilliant Jo! Thank you so much for today’s session – I got so much from it and feel renewed enthusiasm and motivation for my business development – yay! 😀 I’ll get cracking with the action points and be in touch if I get stuck on anything”

Are you looking to create a new service and would welcome my help? Do you have ideas brewing you’d love to make happen? Fed up still not seeing it happen?

Work with me and get clarity, focus, and direction to make it happen!

If you’ve had that gut feeling you want to do something new, or want to brainstorm ways to liven up your business development and generate new revenue, please get in touch, I’d love to help you.

Let’s do this!

Email me with Business Development in the subject header and let’s arrange a time to talk about your ideas and bring them to life!

Let’s build.


Take action!

I’m cheering you on from here 🙂

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach, empowering you to build your business and feel good doing it!