The AmberLife Action Group to Boost your Sales, the Anti-selling way!

Hello, how are you getting on? With the increasing challenges business owners are facing, the AmberLife Action Groups will equip you with tools to help you thrive, not just survive.

Are you getting fed up and tired of working things out by yourself? Do you need proven ways to manage your time and energy levels? Make more sales?

The AmberLife Action Group will help you transform your business in Q4 2022, focusing on mindset strategies for success and sales activity to drive business growth to support your business for the future. “Future-proofing your business”, as one of my clients said!

Spotting even more potential in you and your business.

I’ll empower you with the BEST mindset techniques and PRACTICAL proven ways to make more sales, so you can stay in business, and grow your business. During Q&A time I will answer your questions to help you with your sales activity to raise your profile and gain new clients.

This is NOT a series of videos for you to watch. I’m here, helping you every week working on your business with you.

For example, I helped one Action Group member by preparing a different response and the very next day, she successfully signed up her new client, securing £3,500 of new business. Another member used my super-effective sales techniques and secured 3 new clients on her brand NEW 3 month program. What would that mean to you if you won £3,500 new business tomorrow? Or if you signed up 3 new clients for 3 months?

AmberLife Action Group with Jo James AmberLife

Attending the Action Group working with other people powering through similar issues was motivating. Techniques to manage my time have already made a difference and I’ve been consistent with my sales activity to drive revenue. Jo’s energy and drive is infectious. Her advice is both pragmatic and easy to put into practice immediately. Doing these sessions as part of a group makes it a great place to share difficulties of the week, get advice and learn more to build your business.”  Clare Mayell, Projects that deliver 

Are you struggling to make consistent sales? Fed up of peaks and troughs in your income ?

Work with me in The AmberLife Action Group, Q4, and let’s change that!

Bring your beautiful self and your business and we’ll meet in a positive space to brighten your business results in Q4 2022. Empowering you to feel more confident, raise your profile and make more sales. You’ll gain the 7 steps to make more sales, the anti-selling way! AND with time management techniques to work smarter, not harder, you’ll enjoy developing your business and see REAL results, fast.

We’ll meet for 10 x weeks for 90 minutes in my zoom room (with my super-fast fibre-optic connection), so you can come together regularly to get a confidence boost, clarity on your next steps, and with Accountability to support you in your sales activity to generate sales and feel more confident for your future.

In fact, EVERY member of The Action Groups feel more confident to drive business growth with 93 % of clients having won NEW business during the 10-week program. I’m so proud of them and how well they worked together. 🤩

I will help you with practical work with your sales, AND I’ll share the best mindset techniques I share with my VIP Business Coaching clients to stay motivated, focused, and get through creative blocks. It will be experiential, interactive and there will be Q&A time every week to give you personalised coaching with clear next steps to get you moving again and make CONSISTENT progress on your goals.

“Every week in the Action Group was like being plugged in and recharged.

I love working with Jo, her energy, her enthusiasm and she genuinely really cares about you and brings such vibrancy and simplicity to getting things done. The support is amazing, I was no longer alone trying to work things out.

Having action points personalised for me each week was so motivating that things got done!

I gained new clients and new skills in organising my working week. I have a renewed confidence in the way forward and now my business is feeling so exciting again.

Jo has a fantastic skill at holding the space in group meetings and bringing in so much love, motivation and positivity which flows into your being and therefore into your business. Thank you so much Jo, why didn’t I work with you sooner!” Josie Truelove, Mind Calm Practitioner and Reiki Teacher Training

Join me and other like-minded business owners on this journey in Q4 2022 to:

tick-amberlife Have a positive space to work on your business

tick-amberlife Identify new revenue streams and develop your pipeline

tick-amberlife Discover how to ‘follow up’ without annoying your prospects

tick-amberlife Enjoy empowering mindset strategies for a better working day

tick-amberlife Look at how you can drive business growth with my super-effective, easy-to-implement 7 step plan. We’ll do it together!

You’ll feel good knowing you have taken positive steps forward to build your business.


Make time to work on your business in the Q3 Action Group and the results will follow.

You can…
Dip in and out when you want to or turn up every week to level up your business and get inspired, motivated and get clear action points to work on during the week ahead.

“My business is using my Bodylogiq approach to relieve people from pain, working with entrepreneurs on their backs, necks and shoulders. But I couldn’t do that in lockdown.

Jo helped me to create the Bodylogiq online clinic and I now have a clear way of how I can still serve my clients and it has opened up new opportunities to work with many others in the future. I’m clearer and feel more confident my business will survive. Interesting times. Time for transformation.

I’m feeling so positive, which in these times is a relief and gives me more purpose knowing I can still help my clients and keep my business going. It’s exciting to see what happens when we come out the other side.  So far in the last 6 weeks, I’ve signed up 5 new clients with my new service and I’ve had my best months ever. 

Take advantage of this offer and get Jo’s help and eyes on your business.” Karen Chapell, Pain-Free Practitioner

Do you need ideas for new revenue streams? Do you need to make more sales?

Do you need to raise your profile and start working with MORE of your ideal clients?

I can help you. Let’s work together over the next 3 months.

We’ll meet in Q4 for 10 x 90 minutes online together, so you can work with me every week and make great headway and see more results.

You’ll discover brilliant techniques, empowering you to build your business, and feel good along the way. It will be a welcome time together.

You will inspire each other as you go on this journey together.

I have worked with Jo over the last 8 years more recently being coached and encouraged in her Action Groups.  As a photographer, lockdown has been a tricky time, but I felt it was important to continue to invest in my development and joined Jo’s Action group to help me keep momentum in my business development.

I have successfully launched a new photography service with the help and encouragement of the Action Group, and I am very grateful to Jo for her NLP techniques, accountability, and business knowledge that has helped me so much through this time. Highly recommend!

Annie Armitage, The Virtual Photoshoot Company

Adaptability and flexibility are the keys to your success.

During these next three months in The AmberLife Action Group you can:

tick-amberlife Learn new ways to follow up, convert and make more sales.
tick-amberlife Feel excited about your goals in Q4 2022

tick-amberlifeFeel forward momentum and stop getting in your own way.
tick-amberlifeAdapt your business and create new business opportunities.

tick-amberlife Have clarity on what to do next with personalised next steps.
tick-amberlife Work positively on your business to make more sales, and feel good doing it!

Business Coach Algarve Portugal

Helping you to start your day in a good frame of mind to be able to respond to the challenges together.

It’s not mindfulness, although we will be mindful. We’re not making vision boards, although we will create a propelling vision for your business. This is not a 90-day challenge, although we look at ways to overcome and work through these ever-changing challenges.

This action group is a positive way of working together on your business and having some time for your own self-development while helping you make more sales in Q4 2022 and beyond.

What do you want to achieve next?

“Working with Jo is ideal for me. Her no-nonsense approach to identifying my goals, setting stepping stone action points in place and keeping me accountable is just what I need. We speak to set targets and discuss how plans and actions are going, and it’s one of the best investments in my business I’ve made in 19 years. Being accountable is valuable when you’re self-employed and her guidance, support and ideas are just what I need to get me out of my comfort zones and into the places I want to shine. Thanks, Jo.” Roz McLeod, The Ultimate Voice

No time like the present!

Email me to Join Us now. We’ll work together in 10 x Live and online sessions in the AmberLife zoom room, where the magic happens!

Your investment for ALL THREE months is only £995.00, but get the Early Bird ticket and book your place today for only £595.00

Thanks for the session today. I’m finding them very helpful and it’s so nice to be part of such a gorgeous group of people. I am moving forwards without a doubt, thanks to being a part of this group, thank you 🙏” said one of the action group members.

Email me here if you have any questions, we can always have a call or a zoom first.

I look forward to working with you. Let’s build!

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

P.S. I’d love to work with you if you need this kind of help right now, please email me if you have any questions.

If this isn’t for you and you know someone who might find this useful, please forward this page to them and help other business owners. Thank you in advance.

“I love working with Jo.
It was really helpful having an online space where I could dedicate a couple of hours every week to my business. No courses to work through, no webinars or hard-sell, I appreciated the simplicity of this – just the benefit of Jo’s experience and insight on my business every week along with the support of a small like-minded group of women. Really practical help combined with Jo’s enthusiasm is a great combination, especially during tough times – Jo is priceless!”

Lisa Webb, Creative Director, Pink Frog Design

Book on to the AmberLife Action Group Q4 2022 and

work with me and other brilliant business owners to build your business, and feel doing it!

Your investment is usually £995 to work together in Q4, from October 5th to December 7th 2022,

BUT, you can book your place today for only £595

Including personalised Action Points and Q&A time every week.

Dip in and out or join us for all 10 sessions for maximum effect!

Plus you’ll have access to more Action Group bonuses when you join.

Do you need a payment plan? No problem!

email me to join and arrange 2 payments of £320

Plus you’ll have access to special Action Group bonuses when you join.

I’d love to welcome you into the AmberLife Action Group for you and your business.

To your success and happiness

Jo James

I’m here to help you make more sales and feel good along the way.
Let’s build your brilliant business together!