Do your goals fit you?

As it’s goal setting season here’s 7 Business Boosting questions to make sure your goals do fit you for success this year. It takes time and your commitment to create new goals and habits for yourself.

So first, check you want it! 

1. Check the goal is written as a positive statement and is specific.  The unconscious mind doesn’t hear negative commands, so change ‘I don’t want to be so unfit’ (as you’re only telling yourself that you want to be unfit!) to saying ‘you want to be fitter and be able to run 5K in 30 minutes by 30th March’. Or ‘you want to invoice £10K, or £20K each month’.

2.  What will you gain by having this goal?

3. What resources have you already got to help you? and what extra resources do you need, if any?

4. How will you know you’re on track?  break down your goal into smaller chunks/targets or steps.  This really helps to make your goals more manageable and achievable.  You can then review and adjust your action plan along the way if necessary.

5.  Is it good for those around you too?   How will this affect your family, close friends or staff when you have your goal.

6.  Consider what will happen if you don’t achieve it.

– What won’t happen?

– What will you lose by having this goal? (maybe frustration and a lot of stress. What else? )

Do you still want it? Good. Just checking.

7.  Now imagine now already having achieved your goal.  – What will you look like?  Create a vivid picture of yourself.

– What do you hear and what are you saying to yourself?

– Feel how you will feel now that you have it.  Feels good doesn’t it?!

– What did you learn?

Allow all this new information to sink in for a few moments.  Keep breathing and smile!

The more we do something the easier it gets.  Repeat No. 7 regularly and strengthen that new neural pathway.  Set your own internal Sat Nav!

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