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7 Apps for a focused February and beyond

With so many bits of tech to use it prompted me to look at the different Apps I use to be more organised and stay connected. Sure it can feel overwhelming with so many to choose from, but have a look and see which ones will help you the most.  If you’re not used to them, just start using one at a time.  They’re easier than they look at first glance!

To be organised and to get more things done, here are my 7 favourite Apps for a focused and fabulous February!

1. All things Google for your Calendar and Collaboration

A couple of years ago I left my diary somewhere.  When I got home my heart sank as I realised I had no other way of knowing my appointments, unless I went through every email! That was the day I switched to Google Calendar

Easily set up so that your calendar synchs to your phone, I use it to remind me to do practically everything!  I set appointments with myself to complete project work (so I have dedicated time set aside) to follow up ( so as not to forget to call when I said I would ) and of course appointments with my clients and my social calendar. All in one place, with one view, colour coded too!  Perfect.

When you’re working on a project with others, Google Drive is great for sharing and working on documents together, even at the same time.  And Google saves it automatically. So if you’re interrupted and have to rush off or your signal’s lost, do not fear, you haven’t lost your work, google saves it for you.  Very handy indeed!

2. Buffer / Planoly / Hootsuite for your Social Media

With many different social media sites we use daily, it can be difficult sometimes to find the time to engage and update all of them, can’t it?  Planoly is a great app to schedule your Instagram posts with a view to see the weeks ahead.  Buffer is great for scheduling posts. The difference with Hootsuite is you can see and engage with all of your social media accounts in one place. Very time-saving!

Hootsuite provides the opportunity to schedule messages and tweets, so you can be online even when you are busy. You also have the opportunity to track all mentions of your brand or products and you can analyse your social media traffic.

3. Evernote for your ideas, notes + pics

Evernote is like having your own notebook but as it’s held in the cloud,  you can access it where ever you are. Quickly open up the App and type up your ideas. You can take notes, store pictures, add links, audio and video clips all in one place.

4.  OneNote for your ideas, notes + pics, links, et all!

OneNote is like having your own notebook where ever you are too. You can take notes, store pictures, add links, audio and video clips all in one place, collecting your ideas for later. The greatest thing? It works online and offline. Brilliant!

5. Dropbox for Storage and Sharing

Dropbox provides a simple storage solution. The free option for Dropbox is more than suitable for most businesses but there is also a professional service (paid for) if you are looking for larger storage capabilities.

As well as storing files and documents, Dropbox is great for sharing pictures too.  Just upload your photos and images to Dropbox and share the specific folders with others.

6. Constant Contact for Content Marketing and more!

Easily branded, updated and reliable.  I use Constant Contact to send my newsletters to you every week.  If you want to have a 60 day free trial period, use my partner link here and get started today.  People want to hear from you!  Constant Contact are super helpful with a fast responsive helpdesk if you have any questions.  Or you can call me of course!

7.  Momentum App to help you keep your focus. 

This is a beautiful App I have started using again. It lets you keep a simple to-do list on an inspiring picture that you see EVERY TIME  you open a new tab.  (As you can see at the top of this blog.)  So as you get tempted to open facebook again or any new tab, you are reminded of what you want to achieve that day.  Genius!

An inspiring reminder to keep your focus and momentum. And you’ll finish more in your day. I love it.

Here’s to a focused and fabulous February!

To your success and happiness,

Jo James

Empowering You to Grow Your Business to six-figures and beyond and importantly, feel good along the way. 

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