5 Tips to Recharge Your Batteries


We all need help with our business at some point. Whether it’s because you’re going on holiday, have extra workload or maybe you’re working on a client’s site or tied up in a project for a couple of weeks and won’t be at your desk as much as usual?

Do you take your laptop with you on holiday? Or rely on your phone if you’re out of the office?

Here’s your secret army of helpers and 5 Top Tips so you can relax more while you recharge your batteries on holiday or work on your client projects.

1. Are you going to need a VA or PA to keep everything ticking along?

VAs (virtual assistants) and PAs (personal assistants who work on your site) are wonderful people, ready to easily pick up your workload and keep your business running smoothly while you take time off.

You can employ a VA to track your emails, respond to clients, process invoices, take calls while you’re away, as well as doing research and other wonderful things for you, if you ask them! I can recommend some top PAs and VAs if you need their contact details.

2. Are you having a social media detox alongside your juice in the mornings?

Schedule posts and save your social time to engage more. Use Buffer for Twitter and LinkedIn and Later for Instagram. (Facebook would still prefer you to schedule directly through facebook, of course!)

3. If you use your ‘out-of-office’ auto reply, treat it as an opportunity to help your clients too.

As well as putting alternative contact details for any urgent requests on your out-of-office reply, put a link to one or two of your favourite, or most read, blogs.

Giving value, helping others, getting you traffic and more enquiries while you’re away.

4. If you’re not going away but really need a break

Could you take a Friday off and have a couple of long weekends? You’ll feel better for taking some time out for you and can recharge your batteries nicely to kick-start your week on a Monday again.

5. Have a good clear out in your office, wardrobe or spare room.

Create a more relaxing space for yourself. You’ll feel lighter, like you’ve had a holiday and will give yourself a clearer start to your day.

Not everyone goes away! Recently over on the blog, I wrote about How to Stop a Summer Slump in Sales. You can read it again here if you missed it.

Enjoy today, if you’re packing, booking a holiday or working on it!

If you need me as part of your secret army, please do get in touch. Don’t sit there stewing, let’s talk. What do you want to achieve next? What are you stuck on?