5 Tips to Gain more Me Time over the Bank Holidays

Me Time

Do you remember the phrase ‘we’re winding down for the holidays’? Many moons ago, when you were in a ‘job’ maybe, but probably not now you run your own business?

Winding down? It’s more like – do an extra twenty things before you can walk out the office, close the door, breathe, and say, see you in a weeks time!

And I bet then, you’re still looking at your phone, checking your emails, just in case!

Does this tire you out? Or is it the life of an entrepreneur? Doing what we love, it often doesn’t feel like work. But it’s good to take a break, rest and recharge.

Luckily we still have Bank Holidays and we have two 4 day weeks, to help us take some time out for ourselves. Wooohooo. I love them! Are you getting ready for your Easter Holidays?

Have a look at where you can enjoy these 2 days off, or take more if you can!

Schedule ahead so you can really step away from your smartphone.

Take a digital detox. Come back refreshed.

We’ll all still be here!

Here’s 5 Top Tips to Gain ‘Me Time’ over the Bank Holidays

1. Schedule your facebook posts, in facebook’s scheduler. They don’t like 3rd party API’s which means your posts will get much less reach due to their alogrithms.

2. Schedule your LinkedIn and Twitter on Buffer.

3. Write and schedule your newsletters and blogs, to be delivered, while you’re away.

4. Schedule and book out the time to work on your business, doing exactly what you really want to do. Bank Holidays are also a brilliant time to get on with your products and projects that you’ve wanted to start, make headway on, or finish.

It’s your choice. Always.

5. PLUS…Read a blog I wrote last October that’s relevant for today, called Stop and Eat The Carrots and Congratulate yourself on all your hard work and efforts in Q1. Cheers! I’ll raise a glass to you too 🙂

If you do have a digital detox, a lie-in, or have a few days off, enjoy them, look up and enjoy the sights, and come back feeling refreshed.

To your success and happiness, schedule more, to enjoy these two 4 day weeks ahead.

Jo James  xx

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