5 steps to start writing your newsletters Blog by Jo James5 Steps to Start Writing Your Newsletters

Today marks the 9th year of writing my Make Your Mondays Matter newsletters to my community. You can join my VIP List here if you haven’t already!

As in my regular Make Your Mondays Matter, newsletters, I’m usually prompting you and encouraging you to take action to help you build your business! So, today, I’d love to give you a gentle nudge to write your own newsletters. Your business will thank you.

To help you stand out from the crowd with this powerful digital marketing tool to help you turn more of your website browsers into potential clients and enable you to add value and nurture relationships.

Here are my 5 things to get you started, which is the exact same exercise I did to get started.

1. Who do you want to stay connected with and why? (I’ll give you a few whys further down!)

2. What do you do every day that helps your clients? (Your expertise)

3. How does your expertise make a difference to your niche and their business?

I have helped many business owners create their own newsletters including photographers, event managers, web designers, coaches, interior designers, business centres and other trainers.

They are all adding value to their existing clients, attracting more of their ideal clients, gaining leads from their target market, getting more specific enquiries, and importantly, they are all enjoying giving back to their community. What’s not to like! (These are just some of the whys I mentioned!)

So, let’s get started.

4. Brainstorm your ideas and expertise and write down all the topics you can write about. You don’t have to email every week, start with writing a monthly one. One of my clients secures a new piece of work ‘every’ time she sends her newsletters out! They create interest and raise your profile. I bet your clients would love to hear from you with free top tips from your expertise.

The next step…

5. Write and edit later.

Just start and allow yourself to type! You’ll be amazed at how the words flow. Remember, you know exactly what you are good at and how you help people every day. Please share it with us 🙂

Do get in touch if you want to book some time with me to get more clarity and focus for your newsletter ideas and let’s get it started and delivered to your clients.

Have a great day and thank you again for allowing me to help make your Mondays matter!

To your success and happiness, start writing today!