5 Questions to kick start Q4, everything is possible.

It’s the start of Q4 so ignore the news, (always best unless you want to feel really drained by 9 am!), and let’s crack on and see what you can achieve!

Everything is possible.

What do you need to do to meet or exceed your annual targets? We have 12 weeks to go!

Remember my business growth rule: “Repeat what works, tweak what’s not or ditch it!”

So, to help you get focused for Q4, …

Here are 5 Questions from my book to kick start Q4, proven to give you a boost.

1️⃣ What worked well in Q1, Q2, or Q3 that you can repeat in Q4 and get more results like that?

2️⃣ Where did your best leads come from?

3️⃣ What tweaks do you need to make to improve your results even more?

4️⃣ How can you improve your conversion rate from an enquiry to hearing a yes?

5️⃣ What do you need to stop doing? If it’s really not working and you’ve given it your best shot for the last three to six months, isn’t it time to stop doing it? You’ll then gain the time and energy to welcome in something new, or tried and tested, that does work!

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If you’re feeling like you need help and support, and hey who doesn’t right now, I’d love to help you get clarity and confidence to go for your goals.

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I’m feeling so positive, which in these times is a relief and gives me more purpose. In 6 weeks, I signed up 5 new clients with my new service and I’ve had my best months ever.
My business is using my Bodylogiq approach to relieve people from pain, working with entrepreneurs on their backs, necks and shoulders. Jo helped me to create the Bodylogiq clinic online, and I now have a clear way of how I can serve my clients which has opened up new opportunities to work all over the world, and I’ve now started working with clients in the U.S. 
I’m clearer and feel more confident my business will thrive.
Take advantage of this offer and get Jo’s help and eyes on your business.Karen Chapell, Pain-Free Practitioner

Everything is possible.

Remember this as you go about your day and Q4 ahead.

Mindset is key, which is why I always share empowering self-development techniques during the business coaching sessions to brighten your life and create the business you desire.

Don’t sit there struggling by yourself, get in touch and I’ll boost your Q4 and beyond.

What do you want to achieve in Q4? Let’s do this!