5 Questions to help you prepare for your one-to-one meetings

5 Questions to help you prepare for your one-to-one Meetings.  Online or face-to-face!

As the year gets underway, networking events are happening, and things are picking up.

How many one-to-one meetings do you have booked in your diary for February?

Do you need to follow up with someone after you’ve met them networking? Or need to catch up with someone from last month?

Go on, arrange a one-to-one with someone in your network today! They might be available this week or next month?

Having one-to-ones are a great way to develop your relationship and discover more about each other, and how you can help each other.

When you do have a one-to-one, what do you say? What do you talk about?

Here are 5 Questions to get you started when having a one-to-one with your network, to help you build the relationship.

Here are Top 5 Questions to help you prepare for your one-to-one meetings:

1️⃣   What made you start your business? As you may be aware, sometimes when you’re stressed or haven’t got enough time, some people forget why they started it in the first place! It’s good to rekindle the passion!

💃🏼 What’s your reason for starting your business? What’s your purpose? Prepare answers for this question as it will rekindle your passion at the same time if you need to!

2️⃣   Who do you generally work with? Find out their target market, as you may have a contact who would love to meet them too.

💃🏼 Are there any ideas for collaborations if you have the same target market but offer different services?

3️⃣   What project are you working on? Interesting to delve deeper into their work. If they are having a problem or need help, can your services or products solve that for them?

4️⃣   Who would be a good contact for you to meet? Think of your network and do some matchmaking, it helps the networking world go round.

5️⃣   Who would be a good contact for you too?

💃🏼 They will probably ask you, so be prepared!

These questions will really help you to get to know your contacts more, so prepare ahead and see how the conversations flow.

Enjoy your meetings.

Sales is all about relationships. People buy from people, so be your gorgeous self!

Your Action Point today is to:

Prepare answers for the questions above, so you get into talking clearly about your business.

💫 Top Tip:
My powerful mindset top tip for you today is to imagine the meeting going really well to put yourself in a good frame of mind. Make some time to visualise it going well first.

See yourself smiling and enjoying the experience, listening, hear yourself answering questions with ease, being passionate, being informative, helpful, sharing ideas….you get the picture! Notice how good you are feeling now as you imagine your meeting working out brilliantly.

Go sparkle!

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