Here are 3 Steps to Develop Your Patience in Tricky Tech Times


Do you ever get stressed or overwhelmed in tricky tech times?

I do love the world of tech when it works but how many new pieces of kit do we need to learn? There’s always a new feature to learn, embed, change, edit, upload, download, master!

Sometimes new apps, new systems are easy to get the hang of, and like a lot of things, sometimes they can take way longer than expected.

To manage your levels of stress in tricky tech times, manage your levels of expectation.

To manage my expectations, I definitely have to give myself more time, and to not get too stressed if I can’t do it first time round!

Time to reset your mindset. 

Patience is needed.  Step away for a minute. Then, before you dive back in, reset your mindset.

Here are my 3 steps to improve patience

1.  First smile.  (yes you might need to force a smile if you’re frustrated, but it’s very, very important to smile.  This does change how you feel, it’s magic)

Then while still smiling…

2.  Take a deep breath in, hold, for the count of 3,  and breathe out slowly for the count of 5 (sometimes repeat this 5 times)

At this point, I usually feel my shoulders have dropped, then ….

3.  Say to yourself, “it’s ok, this is the first time you’re doing this, no wonder it’s taking a while, keep going.”

This usually helps me to then carry on and fix whatever needs fixing, or upload whatever I’m trying to upload, then, voila, publish where I want to share it.

 What do you say to yourself when you need to find more patience?

Here are some other suggestions for you, try them on, see what works best for you…

“Look at what you’ve done before, you’ve got this”

“Trust in the system, persevere, it will work”

“Come on, you can do it.”

Building your business takes time.  

There’s no getting away from that. Plus, another good muscle to develop is your gratitude muscle.  As you take focused action each day, say thank you to yourself for your efforts. If you had a good boss, they’d thank you, wouldn’t they?

Develop patience. Build that muscle. 

It will serve you well.  Keep going. It’s all worth the effort 🙂

If you want any more of my help, do get in touch, I’m here to help you bring your ideas to life.

To your success and  happiness,

Jo James

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