The AmberLife Business Retreat

Autumn 2017

 Are you looking for a warmer,
relaxing space to create your business dreams?

Would you like to feel more relaxed and revitalised?
I have just the answer…introducing the AmberLife Business Retreat.
Just imagine, soon you could be in the sun, feeling warm and free of the stresses and strains of city life.
Relaxing, Learning & Laughing with a group of like minded business owners.
During the retreat, you will get time to create and design what you want to see in your business in 2017 and beyond.

Too often, I see business owners who are brilliant at what they do, but for some reason aren’t playing to their full potential, are being held back by limiting beliefs, or simply not making the money they want to.
During our time together I create a safe place for you to let go of your stresses, strains and limitations, so that you can go back to London feeling refreshed and ready to play bigger, and bring your dreams to life.

  • Discover brilliant self-development techniques and exercises that my clients love, helping you to feel more confident, comfortable and content.
  • Acknowledge and then say good bye to your limiting beliefs, giving yourself permission to do what you really want to do.
  • You will work on your business too, so you can stop feeling guilty about going away for a few days!  I love implementation.  It’s how businesses are built.
  • Importantly you will have the time to unwind, de-stress and allow yourself to be pampered and your senses revitalised.
#makeithappen Business Retreat Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Hi, I’m Jo James!

I’m taking the AmberLife Mind Spa to Portugal. This retreat is especially for creative Solopreneurs, small business owners and executives wanting to learn how to grow their business, and laugh together.

Working with my Mastermind Groups and private clients, doubling and trebling their revenue, and renewing their confidence, I have wanted to arrange retreats in Portugal for years, and am excited to bring this to life for you now.

During the AmberLife Business Retreat I will focus on helping you to create your mindset for success, getting you over fears, limitations, or what ever is holding you back from the success you deserve.  I hope you’ll join me and other savvy business owners. I’d love to help you manifest your dreams.

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith

Being part of the AmberLife VIP Mastermind group has made all the difference in the world. There is a wonderful sense of community and accountability, and we can share ideas and problem solve together, all with Jo’s fabulous direction.  Mastermind day is my favourite day of the month – we all get ridiculously excited about getting together, sharing our struggles and successes, and we learn so much. I estimate conservatively that my outlay for the sessions has brought in at least five times the equivalent in revenue – that’s a pretty good R.O.I. for a person who is ‘allergic’ to spreadsheets!
Joining Jo James’ Mastermind group is the single best business decision I have ever made, besides starting a business of my own. “

Here’s what I have planned for you

  • Relax and Revitalise with some gentle yoga and amazing de-stressing techniques.  Immediately you will feel calmer and back in control.
  • Design your year ahead, making compelling plans for you and your business.
  • Learn the “Power of 7” – THE time management strategy that my clients say have totally transformed their day, their month, and are finding they even have more time on their hands to do their own things now too.  Remember ‘Me time’?  Get it back.
  • “Talk a Deeper Talk” 
    Learn a deeper form of communication and how we can use language that helps us, not hinders us.  This is more than reading body language which you are probably already are aware of. These are other more subtle ways to deepen rapport, which make all the difference when liaising with prospects, clients and your family.
    One of my clients has seen a profound turn-around, not only with her clients, but with her two teenage daughters.  Using these simple yet powerful changes in her communication, has produced a much calmer environment at home and better relationships all round.
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs, say good-bye to your stress, say hello to the revived, more confident, you.
  • Move forward with your dreams.   We’ll put our heads together and discuss any pressing business issues that you may have.  Finding solutions that suit you and your business, we will transform them into an action plan that you can implement immediately. Or when you get back to the office of course. Your choice!

Annie Armitage, Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife

Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer

“Jo has helped me achieve new heights in my business. Before I met Jo I was a wandering creative who was finding it incredibly hard to be motivated and inspired by the art of business. The business coaching I have with her enable me to be focused, organised and goal orientated and be open to opportunities that before I might have missed.

I have certainly increased my sales by 45% two consecutive years now and attribute that success to Jo helping me to plan and see what needed to be achieved instead of aimlessly going from month to month hoping for the best.

Jo is great to work with and she lights up a room with her charismatic bubbly personality and is alway upbeat and positive.”

I’d love to help you achieve your business goals and lifestyle you desire.To give you a boost during the four days is wonderful.  To give you the tools to stay motivated when you get back to London, is paramount.  Take with you, and keep, your new found calmness, or the buzz and motivation you feel for your business during the retreat.   Discover how you can change how you feel, in an instant. Get better, more helpful habits, which will stay with you for life.

Where you’ll be staying

You can unwind in this beautiful 5* Spa Hotel and Resort.  I stayed there for my 50th Birthday and loved the services, food and comfort on offer.

Your reservation includes VIP treatment all the way:

• I have reserved Executive Sea View Suites for you, in the gorgeous 5* Hotel Spa Resort, in Albufeira, Algarve, in Portugal.
• Enjoy the comfortable lounge, and sea view from your balcony, or your bed!
• Breakfast, tasty fresh foods for lunch and dinner is included
• Teas, coffees and homemade pastries or fruit, for us, while we work

•  I have selected and designed 3 days for you to empower you to bring your ideas to life, get rid of limiting beliefs, so you can have a renewed confidence and clarity, in how to grow your business. My VIP Business Coaching Program for the Retreat and Empowering Techniques will be uniquely designed to you and your business.

• PLUS, we’ll design a plan of clear Action Steps for you for you to follow on return.

• PLUS, BONUS – I’m also giving you my proven super client boosting 28-day program after the retreat to keep you motivated and focused on bringing your ideas to life. I’ve got your back!

• There’s a huge choice of treatments available in the hotel.  I will treat you to a Full body massage with basil, on arrival, to ease those aches and pains.

• My brilliant Yoga teacher Lisa will lead your private yoga classes.
• You have full use of the Hotel Gym.
• Sessions booked in for the Hydrotherapy pool, Sauna and Steam room.

• Contacts and Cocktails on Wednesday night.

As well as working on your business, you’ll have time to sunbathe, run on the beach, take extra yoga classes and book more treatments if you wish.  It’s your retreat, how would you like to relax?

Relax, revitalise your senses and allow me to look after you for 4 days.  Join an exclusive small group of other brilliant business owners.

Register your interest for September 24th to Thursday 28th September.

Your investment is ALL INCLUSIVE at the hotel, for £2,970 plus your return flight. 

Save £500 when you book by end of June.

So, please email me now to register your place and to ask any questions. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you have and see how the retreat will work for you and your business.

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Business Retreat Portugal by Jo James AmberLife

Relax, Learn and Laugh at the AmberLife Business Retreat.
If you have any questions, please contact me on +44 (0)7968 016585 or email me with your number and I’ll call you.

I’m looking forward to it already! Aren’t you?!

To your success and happiness,









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